HRO 3 Things You Could Do

    1. Simply email the PLA at and ask them exactly how the HRO would affect you. We'd be interested in their reply. Assuming it is unhelpful I'm afraid what people should do is read through all the changes, i.e. either

    2. Wade through the 1968 Act with amendments and let us know anything you notice: 1968 Act with HRO Changes and/or

  1. Read through the comments made by us and other organisations here: HRO Submissions

I'm sure we will have all missed some things so far.

Once we have collated all the amendments and new powers we will be able to make and encourage objections.

Keep us updated via

We have asked the PLA to describe to all River Works Licence holders precisely how they are affected by the HRO. That should be their responsibility. However given their previous and how complicated they have made their 2019 HRO I doubt that will happen. So what you could do is: