PLA fees settled - 25%, no backdating

Post date: Aug 03, 2012 10:55:14 AM

The PLA have finally determined the new methodology for setting river works licence fees.

You may recall that in December, the PLA and RBOA had decided on 30% of the market rate mooring fee (after 15% costs being taken off). This was a very small reduction from the 33% the original consultant's report had proposed and OPLAC walked out in protest.

We have held confidential discussions with the PLA Chief Exec since then, along with RBOA. As a result the PLA have finally agreed that their fee should be 25% of market rate mooring fee, again after 15% costs being allowed.

This reduction is about the best we could achieve and we had been holding out for no backdating for those licence holders facing an increase. I'm pleased to say that they have now agreed that as well - 'where reviews are outstanding these will not be backdated but take effect from 1st August 2012 provided that the reviews are settled by 31st October'.

If you are a licence holder you should receive notification from the PLA shortly, do send us a copy -