PLA close Richmond Footbridge. Unilaterally. Indefinitely.

Post date: Apr 20, 2020 10:16:12 PM


he Port of London Authority (PLA) have unilaterally and without consultation closed Richmond footbridge, from tomorrow. Indefinitely. It is a mindless over reaction to Covid19 - pedestrians will instead walk over Twickenham footbridge which is as narrow in places and, unlike Twickenham footbridge, has no balcony type passing points - Would Richmond Council close Twickenham bridge to pedestrians? More info on the PLA's Facebook page

It's typical PLA. They could have opened up their private upstream walkway and have one-way traffic both sides (as the bridge used to be). But Oh No that would cost. So they first went for one-way only with no entry signs, which pedestrians wouldn't see if walking downriver. When some people went the wrong way, their response is to close it and blame the public.

Just like when they closed it one snowy winter because they didn't want to put expensive de-icer down (cheap salt would cause rust and the de-icer used at all airports is too expensive for the PLA).

Or when they instituted the night closure system (it used to be open 24 hours) because one drunk had been aggressive with the staff. The PLA harbour master David Foster told me then "it was to protect the troops dear boy" - basically the PLA see themselves in a war with the public - you! Just like they see themselves as the landlord of the river, not the caretaker they are meant to be (and are in statute).