iWash Newsletters

This is the summer newsletter for iwash, part of OPLAC

Summer 2016 Newsletter

4 new developments:

1. 4 masters have been issued with warnings and 1 is being prosecuted, as a result of complaints. There have been over 50 complaints from houseboats since the last newsletter and most are still being investigated. Cheyne Walk is the lead mooring for complaints, with the fewest coming from Nine Elms.

2. Passage plans have been agreed and implemented: there is now a high tide code of conduct and speed limit specific to each stretch of the river which Clippers on route RB6 have to abide by. This means that, in general, the speed limit at high tide is 12 knots with no sudden acceleration or deceleration.

3. The PLA have admitted there is a serious problem and are organising quarterly meeting with TfL and the Clipper as well as ourselves in attendance.

4. Transport for London and MBNA who together bankroll the clippers are both aware of our plight and are putting pressure on the Clippers to solve the issue.

4 ways you can make a difference:

1. Join the steering group for iWash. There is an opportunity to shape the future of this campaign and make everyone's life better. Being a part of the steering committee (of 4 people) means choosing what strategies to follow, and meeting the upper rungs of the PLA, TfL and Clippers. It only requires a few hours of your time from time to time, ie when there are meetings to attend and prepare for. Please contact me if you think you might be interested.

2. (Keep) Complaining to the PLA when a specific clipper causes excessive wash. Not complaining is akin to not reporting a crime. If there are no complaints the PLA can simply wash their hands and say there seems to be no problem. To complain simply email the Pla (hmu2@pla.co.uk) , cc iWash (iwash@oplac.org) saying "at XX time and XX place I experienced excessive wash".

3. Put together photos and videos of excessive wash. Perhaps you are a visual person - any material that is put together can be used to convinced policy makers, ie MPs, Assembly Members etc who have no idea what the big deal is and cannot conceive of what "wash" is or why its a problem. A picture tells a thousand words...

4. Spread the word - is your neighbour aware of iWash? Do forward on this email and ask them to email me to be added to mailing list for future action and updated, or check www.oplac.org/iwash